What is the Arrowsmith Program?

Arrowsmith is a program designed for students with diagnosed learning disabilities. We know that there are 19 areas of the brain that need to work at average for success in the regular classroom. Arrowsmith has exercises for 12 of those areas. We build and strengthen those cognitive areas which the Arrowsmith assessment shows each student needs with those specific exercises.

Like a bucket with no bottom lets anything poured into it flow out, the brain with weak cognitive functions cannot retain the information going in. No matter how diligent the student or teacher is, the information just doesn't stay.

The Arrowsmith Program brings the research of the neurosciences research to the educational development of student learning.

The neuroscience research shows that a person's brain has the ability to change with exercise. When challenged, one's brain strengthens weaker neural pathways.

The Arrowsmith Program consists of specialized cognitive exercises that challenge targeted areas of the brain that contribute to learning difficulties and disabilities.

The Therapeutic Literacy Center (TLC) in Solana Beach has been correcting learning challenges for over 15 years. With the addition of the Arrowsmith Program to their list of tools, we are now able to solve the issues for students that have more complex learning challenges in a more efficient amount of time.

Why combine Arrowsmith with what we already have?
What we do WORKS. Bringing Arrowsmith to TLC widens the population we are able to serve.  Students with more complex learning challenges and disabilities now have a place they can go to strengthen their cognitive capacities for academic learning.

Do I have to come full-time or can I come part-time instead? 
TLC offers both. We are a learning center for clients that choose to come before or after school. We are also a private school for students that choose the full-time Arrowsmith Program. As part of the school students' days, we include art, PE, and one-to-one academic classes as appropriate.

Learn more about the Arrowsmith Program:

Download the Arrowsmith Trifold-Brochure to learn more, and contact our Clinical Director for further information.

Explore the Arrowsmith Program website.


Read Barbara Arrowsmith's story in her book
The Woman Who Changed Her Brain.


Complete the Cognitive Questionnaire.
Send us the link to the results. Download the Chart of Cognitive Skills to help interpret your results. Then call us with questions!

Then Contact us by phone, email or complete the form below. We can talk about what is right for you or your child.

Use this questionnaire to learn about your child's cognitive skills.

This cognitive questionnaire will take you about 15 minutes. It will give you information about your child that will guide you in your decisions about whether to pursue the Arrowsmith Program for your child.

Did you know?

Learning disabilities don't have to be permanent!

Based on the research behind neuroplasticity, the Arrowsmith Program identifies, intervenes and strengthens areas of cognitive weakness that affect learning. It deals with the root causes of a learning disability rather than managing it's symptoms.

Our goal is for everyone with learning disabilities to become effective, confident and self-directed learners for life.

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Is this your child?

Complete a student questionnaire for your child and learn more about your child's cognitive strengths, needs and what it may take to meet their academic goals.

DOWNLOAD the chart of cognitive skills to learn more about the areas YOU identified in your questionnaire about your child!

If you are not familiar with the work of Arrowsmith School, we invite you to view the Arrowsmith introductory VIDEO. This fifteen-minute introduction provides an overview of our program and we hope it will answer many of your questions about what we do and the suitability of our program for your child.

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Top 10 cognitive functions!

The CAUSE of learning disabilities can be identified and the brain change.  By identifying which of the top 10 cognitive functions are causing your child's disability. The Arrowsmith can identify which of the top 10 cognitive functions are the cause of your child's disability and provide the exercises needed to build those learning skills.... making your child's learning problems temporary problems.

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